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For being so depressing in my last post.
I'm over that now.
Hey, life's not amazing.
But I'm going to be positive about it.
Last weekend was fun.
Had my cousin from Australia here visiting.
We stayed up till 5 watching movies. (:


I'm going back to once-in-a while posts.

After high school has started, I haven't had enough time to currently update my blog.

I'm come to a conclusion. High school sucks.
Probably one of the worst years of my life.
It just HAS to get better.
It can't be this horrible for 3 more years.
In this one year, I've decided that I trust no one.
My best friend that I can always go to is now just a friend.
I don't have anyone to go to.
Which is what I really need.
I have barely any classes with people I care about.
I am getting bad grades in school.
I am losing everyone.
People are starting to realize how lame I am.
It's not fun.


I was sick today:[

So I wrote a poem. [:

The benumbing, bitter, one-dog night
brought chills to even those inviolable at home,
adjacent to their high-class fire places and heaters.
But when you’ve no where to live or go,
You have got to stay out side
Letting the brisk air nip at you after hours.
The homeless, the wandering.
I came across one of these brave souls.
Although bundled on the floor, dressed in rag,
his aura gave off no fear or anxiety.
His big brown eyes were filled with hope.
I felt my heart begin to melt at the mere sight.
He didn’t ask for money.
No, he was much to dignified to do that.
Once our eyes met, I smiled.
He looked taken aback at first,
obviously he wasn’t used to any sort of acknowledgement,
But then he politely smiled, and tipped his hat.
That day hadn’t been the best day for me,
But seeing this poor man made me feel self-indulgent.
The fellow noticed how unhappy I looked.
He stood up and walked over to me.
And handed me a rose.
A rose he’d been selling to afford a meal or shelter.
“You have a nice night, ma’am.”
And then he walked away.


El dia de la semana?

Spanish homework is lame. D:

Hah. I hope I don't fail my test.
Sorry for not being so awesome and posting more blog posts.

Erm... HAY. I think ill make a poetry blog as weell.
Ill inform you if i do.


Hi everyone.
Haven't made a post in a while.
Been busy in highschool.
It's a little different.
Still technically the same.
Just bigger.
Well i'll try to start posting daily again.
If I can.


Juliette is sick.
Not well.
At all.

And Juliette starts school THIS THURSDAY.
Juliette hopes shes better by then.